Regular - On the Daily

Regular - On the Daily

I’m always amazed at what people think regular is AND how many people use laxatives. Yowza! Since I get enough of this question, I figured a quick article was necessary.

When doing Whole30, many people end up doing a low carb version of it, just because of ease.  Whole30 is not low carb, but many people naturally go towards that end. Low carb can create a little bit of a problem for your intestines initially.  

Here’s some ideas for you to try that might help you zoom, zoom, zoom to the potty room. :)


This is the most prevalent thing I see.  Most people don’t drink enough. While it’s not a set in stone rule, I tell my folks to aim for ½ your body weight in ounces of water.  If you weigh 200# then 100oz of water. If you weigh 150# then 75oz of water.

This may sound like a lot, but if you chug in the morning, and drink all afternoon you’ll hit it easily.  I have an app called Drink Water Reminder -Aquarium that is helpful.  You can also grab this fun water bottle to keep you straight.

I drink 32 oz in the morning at the gym, another 32 oz before 10am then my last 32oz before 6pm.  You can do it. Trust me.


Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Kombucha, Kvass, Yogurt (coconut if you are on Whole30 and sparingly).  The fermentation keeps things moving. It’s a great idea to do some fermented foods every other day or so.  Here’s how you make your own. Kombucha   Sauerkraut


An elimination diet like Whole30 can get to the root of those problems.  When your body doesn’t like something or is allergic to it - guess what happens? Things slow down. Dairy seems to be that for many people. But Gluten has its own ability to back stuff up.


Are you eating breakfast in the car?  Lunch at your desk? Dinner over the sink?  Slow your roll, homie. Carve out a little time to relax and chew your food.  If all you meals are liquid because “you just don’t have time”, guess what? That’s going to catch up to you.  And it won’t be pretty. Make time to nurture yourself with good food, a relaxing atmosphere and chew, damn it.


Always check with your doctor before using any supplements.  But there is a roll for supplements. Especially when traveling.  I use Psyllium capsules.  Triphala is also helpful.  After major surgery these can be helpful too. These are amazon affiliate links.

Chonic constipation will lead to a host of medical problems.  I recommend doing the elimination diet and getting to the root of the problem.  These are just helpful hints for the occasional bout. If you find it’s chronic, go see your doctor then do your research.  Be your own advocate. I’m always just a click away if you want to talk more in depth.

Debbie Marlowe