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Is that a word that used to describe you, but now you are just dog tired?

Is it time to start focusing back on you?  

Join us as we take large goals and turn them into small, attainable daily habits and ideas. 

It happens to most of us at some time or another in our days. Other things take priority at different phases of our lives as they must.  Jobs, kids, spouses, care-taking, any number of things become more important than our own health from time to time. 

Perhaps you are looking to getting back in the groove, but you still have a lot of responsibilities. Join MotivateMe.Love’s members as we slowly and methodically transform our lives by taking things one step at a time. We’ll cheer you on with every forward movement.

MotivateMe Love sets monthly challenges but we are HEAVY on the Love.

We make the priority on fun, friendship and silliness while we tackle movement, lifestyle and soul strategies to make us each healthier at the end of every month. We’ll work the inside landscape as much as the outside. We’ll do it together, with love, support, and accountability so it’s like having a health conscious Fairy Godmother on your shoulder.

Results? You = Luminous. 

MotivateMe.Love spotlights 30 Day challenges to help you reach your goals.

Is there something that speaks to you but seems difficult to tackle? Drop us a line at and we’ll research it and look to putting it in the lineup.  After all, we are here to help YOU.


Hi, I'm Debbie Marlowe.

I love movement, I love good clean food (never fear - I love ice cream, too). Mostly I adore taking sedentary people and finding ways to empower them to take better care of themselves. I believe you shouldn’t go to the gym if you hate it. But let’s find something you love to do and train your body, mind and soul for that hobby. Let’s prepare your body for vibrant old age and to withstand the rigors of life in spite of aging. I want to teach you how to nourish your body and be able to carry all the grocery bags into the house in one trip safely - because you are built for it!

Here’s my pedigree:  Level 1 CrossFit, FRCms, Whole30 Certified Coach, LMT, Bachelor of Bossy Pants.

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