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Live Wildy

As a society, we are living in captivity. Couches, loungers and all the things that are making us just a wee bit too comfy and lazy - think human zoo. We are getting fed a lot and not moving much. Continue with that zoo theme to the age old question: 

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  

Not to put off our vegan friends, but that’s our approach - a little bit of daily effort ends up in big results monthly, which impacts the yearly you and your long term wellness goals.  Because what you do today impacts your long term health. 

We will breakdown different movements, physical and lifestyle modalities monthly, to nourish your joints and muscles, build better bone health and introduce you to different movements and different soul practices you may not have known about. In all things we experiment to see what works best for quintessential you. We’ll break out of mental and physical conformity through movement, meditation, and intake.

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Whole30 Certified Motivation Coach

Whole30 is a great starting point in learning how to experiment with your body and nourishment. Whole30 reveals through experimentation, what your body needs on an individual basis. We help you through the Whole30 program as written with accountability check ins, daily emails and unlimited access to “pick our brains” and much more. We have led hundreds of people to their Food Freedom. It’s a great place to start building a better human experience for you and for life.

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