Thyroid Panel Tests


This is taken directly from a conversations with Elle Russ who wrote the Paleo Thyroid Solution.  I learned more from her and her book than I have anywhere…

THESE ARE THE TESTS that you should probably get. No variations...for example not “total t3” or “t3 uptake” - it is strictly FREE T3. Tell your doctor that you need exactly these tests. Literally. Can’t tell you how many times a doctor sees a list from a patient and then just decides "whatever"...and doesn’t test the right stuff.

ALWAYS DO A MORNING BLOOD DRAW. NO FOOD or drinks FROM like 10pm the night before....and in the morning just have water or plain tea. SHOOT FOR AN 8-9am blood draw. If you are on thyroid meds, NEVER TAKE THEM BEFORE THE BLOOD TEST, just bring with you and pop in mouth after the test. No B vitamins, especially Biotin 3 days before your test. If you need to get tests done on your or (there are others). If you get tested on your own, always google a coupon code for the above sites....I know PrivateMDLabs ALWAYS has 12-15% coupon code somewhere online and once you are in their system, they always email coupon codes every month.


Free T3

Free T4

Reverse T3

TPO ab (Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody test)

Tg ab (Thyroglobulin Antibody test)


DHEA Sulfate 



Vitamin B-12

Vitamin D 25-hydroxy

HbA1c **Get this tested if having issues with inability to lose weight despite all efforts

Hang in there, this stuff is totally fixable...and don't let anyone tell you that you will struggle with this crap just because you were diagnosed hypothyroid. And also, this DOES NOT TAKE A LONG TIME TO SOLVE. So, consider yourself on your way and never give up...keep persevering !:-)

Hashimoto's or autoimmune issues: Google SARAH BALLANTYNE and EILEEN LAIRD and consider buying their books, Eileen's "Simple Guide to the AIP" is a cheap book on Amazon and she has a podcast, all things autoimmune diseases, called Phoenix Helix.

Debbie Marlowe