I'm too busy

Beware, this was written after a client with A LOT of health problems asked me to help them, then proceeded to tell me all the reasons why they couldn’t make changes. So it’s very tongue in cheek.

I’m Too Busy.

I’m too busy to take time to prepare food. No worries, you’ll find time when you are at the doctors getting your gallbladder out. Or your diagnosis for an auto-immune disorder. Those auto-immunes are tricky. It’s usually a good five or six trips to the doc, 7 or 8 tests and usually three different docs before it’s nailed down.

I’m too busy to walk. No problemo. You’ll find time when you get your hip or your knee replacement. Plenty of time while you are doing rehab.

I’m too busy to meditate for 10 minutes a day. Pshaw. It’s okay. You’ll find the time later when you are waiting at the doctor’s office. He will be running late, for sure and when he prescribes you the anti-depressant medication, you will spend more time than 10 minutes at the pharmacy, and subsequent lab work and office visits.

Organic, cage free, grass fed is too expensive. It is. Keep voting with your dollars for inhumane husbandry practices. Monsanto and the like will keep modifying your food. Those farms you used to see when you were a kid will go bankrupt to replaced by those Stepford Veggies and farms where critters never see the light of day.

Sound like fun? It’s the very small things you do TODAY that count. It’s not about your abs. It’s about how you love. Change your mind and the world will follow.


Debbie Marlowe