Dirty Talk

Time to talk toxins.  It’s not just about what goes IN you.  It’s also about what goes ON you.  It’s a lot to process, but change things out as you can.  Your skin is an organ.  It does absorb things.

There are many articles and lists of the best things out there.  I’m going to give you ones that I have personally tried and liked.  Here’s what I use daily and by all means, message me if you have something you love. More resources for tried and true products are always helpful.

Also included are recipes for homemade products, because – if you have the time and energy it’s always better and cheaper made with love. Helpful Hint.  Hit Costco for some coconut oil and baking soda.  I have linked everything to amazon, so if you’re transformer name is Amazon Prime like mine is, click and go.

Let’s start at the top and work our way down.


Not gonna lie – I have a girl crush on Dr. Bronner products.  The labels can be a little political.  But I am under the impression that’s what good hippies do.  Ingredients are great.  Even the one that I like to DIY has the good Doc’s brand in it.  Make it yourself on the cheap or just buy the Doc Bronner Shampoo.  We use both. 

DIY – Wellness Mama hit this one out of the park, so I’ll just direct you to her site – Make it Yourself Shampoo


Flouride is a known inhibitor of thyroid health.  Your thyroid is your MASTER gland.  Here’s some alternatives to chemically heavy Crest.

Dirt – This is fun and messy and I kinda like it on the weekends.  It’s a powder.  I found this at one of the PaleoFx conventions and didn’t like it at first but when I got my Hashimoto’s diagnosis – I decided I didn’t care.  It has grown on me considerably.  I dip my toothbrush in it and off I go.  I see they also have a more traditional type of toothpaste now, as well.

Dr. Bronner’s – I go back and forth between Dr. Bronner’s and Dirt.  This is a “normal” toothpaste.  It’s in a tube, easy to travel with.  You’ll notice it doesn’t foam as much as conventional toothpaste, because it doesn’t have a shit ton of chemicals in it. I like the cinnamon flavor and buy three at a time at amazon.

Jason’s – I put this one on because you can find it at most Walgreen’s.  You should have travel resources.  It’s just as good as the rest.  Just make sure you grab the flouride free one. Here’s a link for online if you prefer.

DIY  – I don’t like xylitol.  Sorry, xylitol selling peeps.  Not a fan.  Also, if you have thyroid or hormone issues, stevia is no bueno.  Just stay away.  Here’s a recipe I recommend.

  1. About 1/2 cup coconut oil.

  2. 2-3 Tablespoons of organic baking soda

  3. 1 Teaspoon salt

  4. 15-20 drops of peppermint or cinnamon essential oil.

  5. 10 drops myrrh extract (optional)


Again, I like Dr. B.   Here’s my favorite, but there is a bunch of different scents, as well as, unscented.


Being a Massage Therapist this is near and dear to my heart.  I go b-a-n-a-n-a-s when people use sucktastic products like Lubriderm and such as their lotion. 

  1. Jojoba oil.  It’s more like a wax and super expensive but it is the most like your skin’s sebum.  If you have the dinero – do this.

  2. Coconut Oil.  You can get this anywhere these days.  Buy it in bulk.  Cook with it and put it on your skin. 

  3. Essential Oils.   You don’t have to be involved in any multi level marketing scheme to get good essential oils.  You can even pick some up at Walgreens or TJ Maxx anymore.  Look at the ingredients and make sure they aren’t already diluted with a carrier oil. You want to come home and use Coconut or Jojoba as your carrier oil.  Find some smell that resonates with you and drop some into your base/carrier.  Add as many as necessary.  Do 10 drops at a time, shake, sniff, then add as necessary. 


Shower application – Only if you have a bath mat and cute rubber duckies on your tub.  If you don’t do this right you can slip and break you neck.  Shower per usual, apply coconut/jojoba/essential oil mix to body.  Let soak in for a minute.  Light rinse.  Pat towel dry.  Go about everything but putting your clothes on.  Give the oil as much time as possible to soak in.  Pat dry as necessary before getting dressed.

Night application – Slather and put on jammies.  It will soak in overnight.  This is the best idea. I suggest light but long sleeves and pants to save your bed linens.  Hurry up and dress so dogs and cats don’t lick it off you. 

These are easy fixes.  Hit your buy now button on Amazon and you are already off to less toxins.  Or make up a batch monthly.  Easy peasy.

Debbie Marlowe