Links and Codes for Food

Hola My Finely Feathered Friends!

Here’s all the coupon codes I have.  Some are Whole30 Approved or Compliant, others are lifestyle based, but here’s the compendium.

Some have codes that will get you a percentage off.  Some just use the link and typically they will send you some samples or something equally fun.

Extra Credit:  I would suggest when you have a comment box put “I was referred by Debbie Marlowe @motivatemelove a Whole30 Coach.”   I know this is a pain in the ass for you, but the more they hear my name and Whole30 the more they will provide samples and swag for us.  If they know it’s working - it’s working.

If there isn’t a comment box, when you get your confirmation email or something similar just reply with all the above so they know.  I would greatly appreciate it!


ANCIENT MINERALS   aka Enviromedica - I can order wholesale prices if you want to buy bulk magnesium supplies.


BUTCHERBOX  Use this link for the latest deal.

BAREFOOT PROVISIONS - Use this link plus comment


CHOMPS   Use this code Whole30 for 15% off


DNX BARS -  with this link an additional 15% off for anyone buying more than $90 worth of bars. So when buying over $90 you will receive a total of 30% off with the code DNXMC15. As usual, if there’s a comment box, please mention Debbie Marlowe referral or MotivateMeLove so we get more swag bag stuff when I ask.


ELEMENTS  Use MML for 15% off your order

EVERLY WELL - Use this link for 12% off all tests


FABLETICS use this link for 2 for $24 leggings for new customers. I love Fabletics.  Lululemon quality. Not their prices.

FATWORKS - use this link

FOUR SIGMATIC -Use this link for samples

FREEZE SLEEVE - Use this link and DebbieM15 for 15% off


GREAT LAKES GELATIN - Use this link for free shipping


HOT LOGIC - use this link for Whole30 Coaching



JUST THRIVE (probiotic) Use this link for % off


KOA Coffee

KETTLE & FIRE - Use DMARLOWE as the code.



MESA DE VIDA - use this link and tell her I sent you (we have a mutual love affair going on)

MASTER CLASS - classes from the masters.


NUTPODS - Use this link and MotivateMeLove code for 15% off

NATIVE - Use this link


OSSO GOOD - Use this link for the latest special


PALEO ON THE GO  -Use this link for the latest monthly special

PRE FOODS  Whole30Coach for 10% off

PRIMAL KITCHEN - use MotivateMeLove for 15% off

PRIMAL PALATE  Use this link for % off

PURE ENCAPSULATIONS - Use this link for ALL the supplements

PIQUE TEA  Use DEBBIEM10 for 10% off



REAL PLANS  Use this link for the current best discount.

RX BAR - Use this link for samples


SIZZLEFISH - Use this link for the latest seafood special

STARWEST BOTANICALS - All my oils and lotions come from here

SUNBASKET - Use this link for $35 off first order

SQUATTY POTTY - Use this link - The best $20 you’ll spend.  Your colon says thank you.

SHIPT  Use this link for $50 off their grocery service (basically a free year)

STEADYMD  - Need a Functional Doctor or want a Concierge Doctor?  This is a new service and I’m signing up this weekend!  


TRUE FARE - MotiveMeLove  for 10% off

THRIVE   extra 25% off their first purchase and a free 30 day trial

TMAC FITNESS  Use the link Whole30 for a free month

TRIBALI Use this link

TOUGH MUDDER  - Random I know but they sent me this discount so why not?


US WELLNESS MEATS - Use this link for samples in your order.  You can get more meat products here than ButcherBox.


VITAL PROTEINS  they don’t do codes, but put Debbie Marlowe Whole30 Coach in the comments and they will usually put some samples in for you.

VAHDAM TEAS  Use this link for free shipping and they have a monthly special.


WHOLE MAMAS  Use this link for $40 off the Whole Mama’s Club.  Tell Steph I sent you. !

WHOLE30 KIT   Here’s another list of products I use.

WILD ZORA  Whole30 Coaching link


ZUPA NOMA  - Use DMARLOWE for an extra 15% off your order.

Debbie Marlowe