30More, Por Favor

30More, Por Favor


30 Day Program

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You finished Days 1 through 30! YayYayYay! But you feel like you will benefit from another 30 days.

This program takes a dive into self care and complimentary Whole30 issues.

You'll receive another gigantic swag bag, and we'll continue to chat daily and monitor your Whole30 menus. Daily emails and Private Facebook and Group Me/Ziing feeds will continue.

We will troubleshoot any issues that come your way. You will then do a 15 day reintroduction.

Whole60 is a continuation of Whole30 - only 31-60 days before the reintroduction. We'll dive into some options for you post elimination diet and more self care talk.

Some people may need the benefit of an additional 30 days for health reasons. Whole30 is not meant to be a lifestyle, but medical issues and better gut health sometimes mean a longer protocol.

If you want to do another 30 days because you are reluctant to leave the rules, to reintroduce or scared of going out on your own - this program is NOT for you. If that's the case, then we'll consult and work on those issues and possibly point you in the right direction with a referral.

Whole60 is for the person who knows they will benefit from a longer protocol. Let's chat about what's right for you.