Whole30 PLUS

Whole30 PLUS


50 Day Program

+ Daily conversations and support - As much support and guidance as you need.

+ Private Facebook Group

+ Daily Programming

+ 2 Whole30 Essential books (Day by Day and Book of your choice)

+ Resources Galore

+ Swag Bag filled with coupons and samples from Whole30 Approved partners

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You need to know that I am a Massage Therapist,  not a registered dietician (though I have one on my board), nutritionist, or mental health professional. The Whole30 and my coaching are not replacements for professional medical care. It is your responsibility to speak with your healthcare provider before taking on the Whole30 or any lifestyle change.

I AM a Whole30 expert who is using my vast experience to coach others who are struggling to complete the program in the same ways that I’ve struggled. I know the terrain, let me lead you.

Let me be clear; The Whole30 program has always been and will always be free for anyone to access. All the information is available at www.whole30.com

My coaching services are for people who need extra support, accountability, and community to succeed. And maybe being financially invested is the extra accountability you need to finally beat the avocado oil potato chips that get you Every. Single. Time.

Refunds will only be given in the event that my circumstances change and I am unable to provide you with the content that I have described. In other words, that cookie is not worth $249, so DON’T EAT IT.

Once you have reserved your spot by submitting your signed informed consent and payment, within 2 days you will receive a confirmation email from me outlining your next steps.

Email me with any questions and we’ll see if coaching is right for you!