Sugar Detox Challenge

Sugar Detox Challenge


Join me for a 30 Day Sugar Detox Challenge. 


Pour some sugar on meeeeee ----

Is your sugar addiction running you instead of you controlling it? I get it. No one has a bigger sugar dragon than me. In fact, I've named her Hortense because, well - she's a ho.

I can be doing great, nutrition on track, shining from the inside like a Whole30 Goddess and BAM! Hortense wants some Chocolate or Sour Patch Kids. Next thing I know I'm adding honey to things, coconut sugar in my coffee and I'm off the rails.

Sound familiar? Maybe you want to detox off sugar but aren't ready to give up All. The. Things. for a proper Whole30. That's cool. Start here with educating yourself about the many names and games of sugar. We'll take a 30Day hiatus from all things sweet, even fruit. We'll tame YOUR sugar dragon, whatever his or her name may be. It's a quick 30 days to reset your taste buds and your thoughts about sugar.

Because face it - you are sweet enough - You don't need additives. Let's huddle up and get it done - your immune and digestive system will send you a thank you note.

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